YABT develops Dialogues between Actors in Entrepreneurship in Central America

Central America - Around of 38 public and private institutions in Central America participated in the Meetings tiled: Dialogue "Opportunity's for Young Entrepreneurs", celebrated between the 13th of November and 11th of December of this present year in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Panama; organized by the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), with the collaboration of the Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA) throughout its Offices in the cited country's

As part of its work of supporting the objectives of the OAS and promoting the cooperation between different actors of entrepreneurship in the Member States, YABT handled the Meetings with the Stakeholders in this country's with the objective of sharing its Regional Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship and generate a space for dialogue and the exchange of good practices, helping at the same time to make joint actions in support of young entrepreneurs.

The first Meeting took place in Costa Rica in the National Office of the OAS, whose presentation and moderation was handled by Gerardo Robinson, Manager of Programs of YABT, accompanied by Mr. Henry Jova, Representative of the OAS and who offered the welcoming words. The meeting was realized in the timeframe of the Cumbre de Emprendimiento e Innovación Social Juvenil (México y Centroamérica), celebrated in the National University of Costa Rica, where YABT was one of the organizations that collaborated.

The following day, the Dialogue in El Salvador was celebrated with the participation of the actors of the Local Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship, who met in the National Office of the OAS they met to know first handedly the main programs of YABT and the mechanism for joitn effort and putting in practice the actions discussed during the Meeting. Alejandra Carrasco and Edgar Maestre, Program Officers of the YABT, Was the people in charge of conducting the Meeting, followed by a space of Networking between the assisting members.

The following week the Dialogue was transferred to Honduras during the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013. The National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) was the place where institutions of different sectors and those summoned by the Secretariat of Industry and Commerce, were present to be part of the Dialogue conducted by Alejandra Carrasco from YABT. The meeting counted with the collaboration of the Regional Center for Promotion of the MIPYME (CENPROMYPE) of the Integration System of Central America (SICA), who also took part in the collaboration and he development of the Business Lab Workshop on Innovation and the National Launch of the TIC Americas and Eco-Challenge 2014 (See: Central America celebrates TIC Americas and Eco-Challenge 2014 Regional Launches).

The fourth and last meeting was celebrated in Panama in the National Office of the OAS, in charge was Edgar Maestre from YABT. Ms. Ayneth Cuellar in representation of Ambassador Abigail Castro Perez, Representative of the OAS, gave the opening remarks mentioning between other things the support of the OAS to the work done by YABT in favor of the young entrepreneurs in the country and the rest of the member states.

The Dialogues in Central America were complemented with other activities making more ample the objective of this initiative made from part of YABT and OAS in this sense, the 21st of November YABT and CENPROMYPE-SICA developed the Virtual Presentation TIC Americas and Eco-Challenge 2014 for Central America and the Dominican Republic, with the participation of the counterparts of CENPROMYPE and young entrepreneurs. Starting from this activity, YABT participated virtually in the Meeting of work of the Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship of the Dominican Republic, organized by the Secretariat of Industry and Commerce.

For more information contact Edgar Maestre: edgar.maestre@yabt.net.

The Photo Gallery of the Dialogues is available CLICK HERE.

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