Registration Deadline for TIC Americas and Eco-Challenge due to March 2

Washington D.C. February 4 2014 − The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), PepsiCo, the Organization of American States (OEA) and the Central American Bottling Corporation will close registration for the 2014 annual edition of TIC Americas and Eco-Challenge on March 2 2014. We encourage all young entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean to not wait out and submit their business or idea before the deadline is over!

All young entrepreneurs interested in participating in TIC Americas 2014 have to complete their applications form before March 2, 2014. To register, please click here . We would also like to remind you that in order to be eligible for the competition you need to be citizen or legal resident of an OAS Member State. The multinational teams will have to choose the nationality of the team's CEO.

To complete the application, team members must fill the form that contains the project concept and personal information of all members by March 2. In addition, the teams will have 13 more days, i.e. March 15 to submit the project prototype, the promotional video and develop and/or improve the project's website. These three components will be reviewed by the committee of international judges, who will pick the best teams. The pre-selected contenders will have the chance to travel and attend to the finals in Paraguay in June 2014. These finalists will have full access to training opportunities, business roundtables, leadership sessions, and networking.

YABT will support all participnat throughout the competition by assiting them with the development and preparation of their business projects. Whether they resulted participants, finalists, or winners, every single team will have equal access to an international network of entrepreneurs and YABT professionals, online training offered by YABT and Pepsico, international visibility, among others.


More than 3,300 young entrepreneurs from 27 countries participated in the last edition of TIC Americas. In this edition, YABT has achieved the highest volument of participant in Latin America and the Carribean. Participants coming from the Caribbean countries were competitors for the CIC. Since its beginning in 2007, more than 24,000 young entrepreneurs from 75 countries have participated in the last eight editions.

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