Directo Crowdfunding

Washington, April 30, 2018 - The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) is pleased to announce its partnership with Directo Crowdfunding, the first crowdfunding platform for the finalists of the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas.

Direct Crowdfunding is in its launch phase and is presented as an innovative option that will serve as a vehicle to achieve the financing of high impact ideas in Latin America.

It is the first collective financing platform that offer entrepreneurs the real possibility of obtaining capital, through the combination of reward and investment crowdfunding modalities, which are executed with the protection of the financial system of the U.S. With Direct, the new ideas to promote startups with high potential count now with solid support.

To guarantee the success of the campaigns of the new entrepreneurs and obtain finanment in 45 days, Direct advises the applicants to present their initiatives in an attractive manner, raising the possibilities of being financed by potential investors.

Directo offers alternatives at low costs to investors in Latin America and the United States, while boosting Latin American business talent. The platform is in constant improvement to adapt to the demands of crowdfunding of investment in Latin America, because the region is constantly evolving and is emulating the path traveled by Europe and North America in this regard.

YABT in its alliance with Directo, seeks to solve one of the main problems that affect new ventures: the collection of capital. There are solid projects which can not be executed due to the lack of seed capital to carry them out. Additionally, in Latin America one out of ten enterprises manages to overcome the first three years of life; this is due, among several factors, to the difficulty of finding investors and funding to bring a solid business model from its inception.

For YABT it is fundamental to be able to take this new platform to its network of entrepreneurs and the finalists of TIC Americas, which will be of vital help to carry out their projects and businesses. We recognize the importance of creating companies and businesses that develop positively the economy of the countries of the region through trade, the generation of sustainable initiatives and the promotion of employment. We acknowledge Directo for their work, together we can help meet the goals and dreams of thousands of entrepreneurs to develop initiatives that contribute to the growth of the region.

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