Announcement of the Finalists of Eco-Challenge 2020!

Washington, DC, May 6, 2020.  The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), PepsiCo Latin America, and the Organization of American States (OAS) are pleased to announce the Finalist teams of the Eco-Challenge 11.0, after a thorough process of preparation and evaluation by an international group of judges.


In its 11th edition, we are pleased to announce the Eco-Challenge Finalist teams:


Focus Areas




Beyond the Bottle 

and the Bag






Fabriplasticos de Nariño


Killa Vive Verde


Tropical Packing


Recycling and Post Consumer use of BOPP




Eco puzzle

El Salvador


Dominican Republic

Golden Garbage


WAS Company



The Eco-Challenge 11.0 is a special award category within TIC Americas that supports a new approach to economic development with a sustainable plastic vision, where waste and pollution are designed out, products and materials are kept in use, and natural systems are regenerated, contributing to the future of sustainability in Latin America and the Caribbean. This year, the focus was on identifying scalable and sustainable solutions that will allow us to go beyond Plastics’ use and to build a world where they will not become waste by reducing, recycling, and reinventing.


“We are very happy to join and support for eleven consecutive years innovative proposals for sustainable ventures, which definitely demonstrate the innovative capacity of the region's youth. Congratulations to the 10 Finalists and the best of success to all,” said Luis Montoya, Chairman for PepsiCo Latin America Beverages.


“To connect a global private sector leader with the innovative young entrepreneurs in the Americas who are developing concrete solutions to current environmental issues is a powerful tool. Over the past 11 years, PepsiCo, YABT and the OAS have witnessed the innovation and commitment of young people in the region, and we are inspired by the solutions developed by these youth.  We look forward to continue supporting them in the implementation phase as well,” stated Luis A. Viguria, Chief Executive Officer, Young Americas Business Trust (YABT).


“.. we extend our recognition for the social responsibility and the efforts made by PepsiCo for the benefit of the most vulnerable people in the region, and for responding in a timely manner to the challenges of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  In particular, we appreciate their personal and institutional commitment to the work carried out together with the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) of the OAS in this context, ” said Luis Almagro, Secretary General, Organization of American States (OAS).


With the priority being to keep all participants, staff of YABT and PepsiCo, and other collaborators of the Eco-Challenge program, safe and healthy during these uncertain times of COVID-19, the program has decided to organize the Finals in a Virtual Format this year,that willinclude several interactive activities throughout the week of the Finals. 


The 11th edition of Eco-Challenge was only made possible by the invaluable and consistent support from PepsiCo and their offices throughout the Latin America region as well.  The OAS was also a key partner in the program, and continues to provide support every year.  This international collaboration provides an example of how to work with the private sector to bring about positive results and contribute to sustainable development with innovative solutions developed by young people.  


Thank you to the judges, who continue to offer their mentorship and important feedback to the entrepreneurs even during these challenging and uncertain times of COVID-19.  Thank you to experts who shared their insights and experiences during the YABT Bootcamp training sessions as well.  This complete collaboration and support definitely add value to the development of the entrepreneurs throughout the region.


The Finalists will have the opportunity to compete for USD 5,000 seed capital, among other benefits. We congratulate all the participating teams and wish the best of luck to the Finalists of the eleventh edition of the Eco-Challenge.


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