OAS, YABT and PepsiCo officially present Eco-Challenge 12.0

Washington, DC, October 27th, 2020.  In a special event celebrated on October 26th, the Eco-Challenge 12.0 “Sustainability and Plastic Awards” was presented as the special category for sustainable innovation in the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas (TIC  Americas).



The event was transmitted live through different channels by the OAS and YABT, and was presided by H.E. Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States; with the special participation of  Erick Scheel, President of Latin America Beverages PepsiCo; Paloma Adams-Allen, President and CEO of the Inter-American Foundation; María Celina Conte, Acting Director, Summits of the Americas Secretariat at the Organization of American States; Yadira Pinilla, Chairwoman of the YABT Board of Directors; Luis Viguria and Valerie Lorena, CEO and Executive Director, respectively, of the YABT.


The Eco-Challenge 12.0 is the result of a strategic alliance of more than a decade between the Young Americas Business Trust, the Organization of American States (OAS) and PepsiCo – one of the leading beverage and food companies in the world.


This edition of the Eco-Challenge will focus on promoting a new vision of plastic, with the goal of constructing a new and sustainable future for Latin America and the Caribbean. This should serve as a reflection of the many contributions that young entrepreneurs look to put forward to transform the circular economy into a renovated and productive model that can serve as a starting point for reducing plastic waste through reduction, recycling and reinvention.


The OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro asserted: “Today, the Eco-Challenge is a clear example of how we can work together with the private sector on short and long term, so that our youth can have the opportunity and tools to construct resilient communities at the face of climate change and other environmental challenges. We will keep working.”


The Eco-Challenge is aimed at young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 to 34 that are citizens of any of the Member States of the OAS in Latin America and the Caribbean. When you register in the program through our portal: www.ticamericas.net/eco-challenge/, entrepreneurs will have access to trainings with international experts, business resources, entrepreneurship networks, and the chance to compete for the grand prize in each category valued in US$15,000, which includes US$5,000 in seed capital, capitalization opportunities, international visibility and recognition as one of the most promising sustainable entrepreneurships of the Americas.


“We wholeheartedly believe in the young talent of our region, and we will keep looking for innovative solutions that will respond to the reinvention and reuse of plastics and the development of the circular economy. Today, we invite all young people to join this great challenge and find innovative solutions for the use of PET bottles through two big categories: Reinvent: Beyond the Bottle; and Recycle and Reuse,” said Erick Scheel of Latin America Beverages PepsiCo.


Scheel added: “I want to thank the Organization of American States, and every one of you, young people, that join us year after year in this beautiful adventure called Eco-Challenge, so we can keep finding solutions and create a more sustainable world.”


A Financial Times publication citing the World Bank signaled that more than 270 million tons of waste are being recycled all throughout the world every year[1]. Acknowledging this fact, the Eco-Challenge becomes a source of support for all young peope that lead sustainable initiatives around the world, creating examples of new business models that can protect the planet.


“Something that I want to highlight is the commitment shown at the problem of plastic waste and how we’ve understood that it has not disappeared, if anything, it will only get worse if all the work and advances achieved are put to a halt because of the pandemic. That is why we reiterate our commitment of proper plastic use and management through the Eco-Challenge,” said Luis Viguria of the YABT.


Do not wait any longer and register for the Eco-Challenge 12.0! The sooner you do, the more benefits and opportunities you will be able to get out of the program.


If you have any questions, write us via ticamericas@ticamericas.net



[1] https://www.ft.com/content/360e2524-d71a-11e8-a854-33d6f82e62f8

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