Opening of the entrepreneurship development in El Salvador

San Salvador, El Salvador, June 15, 2015 - El Salvador reaffirms its commitment to entrepreneurship as a strategy to promote employment and economic growth in the country. For this reason, the Universidad Francisco Gavidia (UFG), hosts the Support Systems and Business Development/Nex Links Business Labs workshop.

The opening ceremony was presided by representatives of YABT’s partner institutions and organizers.  The Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry of El Salvador H.E. Merlin Barrera led the opening of the Business Labs workshop. Moreover, YABT program officer Jose Clautier, OAS representative to El Salvador Ivan Ronalth Ochatea also took part in the ceremony.

Furthermore, specialist of the International Training Center Mount Carmel Golda Meir Mr. Marcelo Firstman; Salvadoran Association for Integral Development of Youth CEO Mauricio Rivas; and UFG Dean Mario Antonio Ruiz participated in the opening ceremony by giving the welcome remarks.

José Clautier, Program Officer of YABT, highlighted "a support system has to be capable of mobilizing the necessary resources for new businesses opportunities in order to be sustainable beyond borders. We take advantage of the business labs workshop to join forces, bringing ideas to the table and undertake concrete actions.”

This workshop, which runs until Friday, June 19, aims to transfer new tools, content and methodologies that contribute to capacity building of public and private entities that provide business services and support to the business process.

On the first day of the workshop development, over 30 people from almost all regions of the country took part. These participants were selected through a rigorous call. Each participating entity has a key role in the National Entrepreneurship Policy adopted and implemented by the Central American country.

Merlin Barrera, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of El Salvador, asserted "the development of youth has launched a new era in the Salvadoran economy, creating youth-led businesses that are evolving favorably."

YABT and partners emphasized among other things the importance of closer cooperation with other countries and international organizations to contribute resources to add value and support  the actors and industry professionals, who play the daily role of helping young Salvadorans entrepreneurs to materialize their ideas and projects.

The training program includes the Israeli case, realizing how they became a Start Up Nation; strengthening and expansion of Centers for Entrepreneurial Development issues; programs that are in charge of Israeli specialists MCTC, Marcelo Firstman and David Boruszek. This activity ended up with the panel of experts in charge of evaluating the proposals made by the working groups with the technical support of Israeli specialists.

For more information please contact YABT via Jose Clautier through email

The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) is a nonprofit organization that works in cooperation with the Organization of American States (OAS) in promoting and implementing programs that encourage entrepreneurship in the Americas to combat poverty and seek better opportunities for youth.

MASHAV – Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation - at Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs was founded in late 1957, and is responsible for the design, coordination and implementation of the State of Israel’s development cooperation programs. MASHAV concentrates on human and institutional capacity building by sharing Israel’s own development experience and expertise, imparting know-how and transferring innovative technologies and tested methodologies adaptable to a developing country’s needs.

The Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center (MCTC) was established by MASHAV in 1961 to assist in the training of women engaged in community work in the newly emerging states in Africa and Asia. MCTC enjoys the active cooperation of a number of international organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations and development authorities.


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