International Course on Microenterprise Development in Israel closes with stronger commitments for the Americas

Haifa, Israel, June 12, 2014 – With a participation quota of about 35 people from the Western Hemisphere, the International Course on Microenterprise Support Systems has come to an end successfully. This course aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs took place on May 19 through June 12 at the Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center (MCTC) in Haifa, Israel.

This was the first of the two international courses in Israel that YABT, MASHAV and MCTC have scheduled for 2014. This course is addressed to those representatives of public entities that have a determining role in designing and implementing programs and public policies that foster entrepreneurship and innovation in their home countries. These participants have been selected through a rigorous selection process that was closed in mid-April. Between those who are participants, there were members of YABT partner organizations.

This course has allowed participants to equip themselves with new tools on the systems of integral support for microenterprises within developing countries. Similarly, this course has represented the perfect occasion for the participants to exchange experiences and good practices on the topic. During this course, participants have created interdisciplinary work groups to build a business proposal that can be implemented when returning to their home countries. These proposals were presented at the end of the course and they touched on different key economic sectors in their countries.

During almost a month, international instructors from the MCTC and special guests trained all participants. The latter had the opportunity to visit various government institutions, chambers of commerce, technological parks and other entities in Israel.

On June 5, Edgar Maestre from YABT held a videoconference to interact and discuss with all participants on YABT's programs. Mrs. Shula Ferdman from the MCTC moderated this activity with the assistance of Mr. Guillermo Levinton, instructor of the MCTC.

At the end of the Videoconference, Maestre asserted, "(…) let's set actions that bring closer the work that each one of you develops, in order to enhance cooperation and encourage the exchange of best experiences in the process of putting into practice what has been learnt in Israel." At the same time, he extended an invitation to take part in all YABT programs and initiatives in the Member States of the OAS.

The next International Course in Israel will develop the topic of "Business Innovation" and will take place from July 28 through August 14, 2014.

For more information, please contact the YABT through Edgar Maestre via e-mail

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