YABT supporting the 6th Edition of “Let's Talk About Education”

Panama City, Augus 16th, 2016 – The concern of Panamanian youth to argue about issues of importance that contribute to an efficient education, based in a culture of lawfulness comes to be realized at the 6th discussions organized by the Youth United for Education and with the support of Young American Business Trust (YABT).

More than 250 participants they met in three provinces with the objective to create awareness under watchword "Culture of Lawfulness”. Participated representatives with a long trajectory of public and private institutions, providing their knowledge about the necessity of take a legality as pillar to education with principles and values.

Among them was Dr. Jorge Arosemena, Director of Unidos por la Educacion, who said “Panama is in a very important moment to rebuild their future and it is good to note that if we have commitment of the youth, to find that education is the first step to a new and improved positioning of the country”.

At the same time, the deputy Ana Matilde Gomez, said that she has no doubt that an efficient country with more efficient politics, economic and social terms is only possible with education. “The education goes far beyond the classroom, it is a citizen issue … and it is necessary that society become politically active and claim legality” concluded the deputy.

At the same time, Edgar Maestre, Director of Latin American programs from YABT affirms that “when we talk about education in terms of legality it is a challenge that needs commitment of every actor involved. Without a doubt, the formation of values, coexistence and the social actions are vital to empower youth in initiatives to support the Culture of Lawfulness”.

The intervention of Mrs. Nivia Rossana Castrellon member of the Board of Directors of Unidos por la Educacion focused on the importance of promoting the Culture of Lawfulness from the classroom and considering that a change is possible if we change and improve the condition of the citizen, as long as there is a commitment from relevant institutions and family homes.

In this discussion, those present had the opportunity to intervene and express their concerns where they envision their worries in the scope of education and with the commitment for working together in the achievement goals.

The Panamanian society is getting involved every day in actions that can make a real change in the country's future and the education needs to become a weapon capable of producing youth with values and projects for growth. That’s why YABT will continue encouraging young leaders to develop projects that enhance and develop the potential of the region.

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