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Washington, D.C., February 18, 2016 - Paraguay and Uruguay are the countries from the Southern Cone that will be the headquarters for the 2016 NexLinks training programs “Support Systems for Business Development.” Their main purpose is to transfer new tools, content and international methodologies that contribute to the strengthening of skills in the public and private entities responsible for providing support services and business assistance in the Mercosur region. The workshops will be conducted by Mr. Guillermo Levinton and Mr. David Boruszek, specialists from the Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center (MCTC) in Haifa, Israel.

Paraguay will host the first NexLinks Workshop from March 7 to 11, in the city of Asuncion. The program is organized jointly with the AMCHAM Foundation, in collaboration with the Embassy of Israel in Asuncion, mobilizing the support from other key actors from the National Government, private sector and committed academic institutions to promote entrepreneurship and productive development as engines of job creation. 

YABT and the Paraguayan American Chamber of Commerce Foundation (AMCHAM Foundation) maintain a partnership that has resulted in the implementation of training programs using the Business Labs methodology and, in this occasion, the NexLinks Program (See: YABT and AMCHAM Foundation kick-off Innovation Business Lab Workshop).

Meanwhile, Montevideo will be the headquarters of the second training Workshop from March 14 to 18. Uruguay has been one of the pioneering and promoting countries of the NexLinks Program since its launch with support from the Organization of American States (OAS), through the Partnership for Development Fund (FEMCIDI).

YABT has developed distinct initiatives in support of the Uruguayan youth. Among those, the series of local and national Dialogues framed in the consultation process of the four editions of the Young Americas Forum stands out, an effort started in 2005 that has permanently enabled the elevation of the voice of youth ahead of the Summit of the Americas.  

In 2009 YABT trained more than 70 people from Uruguay through NexLinks Workshops and Business Labs focused on Innovation for Entrepreneurs.  Following those, in October 2010 YABT put together a delegation of 29 people from 11 states of Uruguay, who traveled to Israel for 17 days, to participate in the “Business and Self-Employment Administration Course for Uruguayan Youth,” conducted by MCTC. In June 2011, the South American country was the headquarters of the NexLinks Regional Forum that gathered partners and collaborators from the program, in order to review the results and action planning for the sustainability of the hemispheric Program.

The target audience for the trainings is professionals from distinct sectors that demonstrate commitment to increasing their knowledge and that are providers of training services and assistance to entrepreneurs and SMEs. In addition to public policy makers and young entrepreneurs that lead potential growth startups.

NexLinks is a regional program of YABT focused on the creation of mechanisms and tools to support entrepreneurs in the beginning and developing stages of their businesses. It has established a regional network of entrepreneurship and business development centers, facilitating collaboration and the exchange of experiences at a regional and global level.

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