Registration is closed for TIC Americas 2020

Washington D.C., February 29, 2020 - The 15th edition of TIC Americas, in its categories Startup Challenge and Eco-Challenge 11.0 have closed its registration on February 29, with a total of 1950 proposals from 40 countries, which showcases the tremendous creativity of solutions presented by the participants in the program this year.  The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) wants to thank all of the young entrepreneurs who participated in this initial stage of the program, in which they had the opportunity to present their business and project ideas in one of the categories of TIC Americas. 

The current edition of TIC Americas presented new challenges discussed and faced on a global scale.  These issues include financial, economic, and social inclusion in the Startup Challenge category.  In Eco-Challenge 11.0, the need to identify solutions to reduce, recycle, and reinvent the use of Plastics.  In the Caribbean Innovation Competition (CIC),the registrations will remain open until March 31, in which entrepreneurs can still present solutions that can help the Caribbean region adjust to the realities of Climate Change.

It is important to highlight the invaluable support of the Organization of American States (OAS) - including its offices across the region, PepsiCo, and the large network of collaborating and partner organizations of YABT.

The next stage for the TIC Americas program will consist of the evaluations of the innovative solutions presented by the entrepreneurs.  We have an international group of online qualified judges, who will provide feedback and mentoring to the projects evaluated, along with assigning points in accordance to the designated criteria of each category of the program. YABT will announce the list of Finalist teams by May 1, through its Internet pages and social media outlets.

We want to also announce that all the teams already registered into the TIC Americas program until February 29, will have until March 15 to finish uploading all the required documents and deliverables for their project, through the same profile account they have in the TIC Americas platform.  This is only applicable for those teams that have registered in the categories of Startup Challenge and Eco-Challenge.

The TIC Americas Finals will be hosted in The Bahamas, within the framework of the 50th General Assembly of the OAS, in June, 2020.  More information and details about the Finals will be announced soon.

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