TIC Americas and Eco-Challenge have been officially launched

Mexico City, September 6th, 2016 - The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), PepsiCo and the Organization of American States (OAS) have recently launched the XII Edition of the Talent and Innovation Competence of Americas (TIC Americas) and its special category focused on environmental innovation, the “Eco-Challenge”. This event took place on September 6th, 2016 at the Mexican Institute of Youth (IMJUVE) Headquarters in Mexico City with the support of Postobon, CBC, and IMJUVE.

More than 80 people coming from the public, private, and academic sector attended the launch, as well asuniversity students, young entrepreneurs, academics, and entrepreneurship program coordinators, and other local partners.

The main speakers at the ceremony were: S.E. Ambassador Yanerit Morgan Sotomayor, General Director of Organizations and American Regional Mechanisms from the Ministry of International Affairs in Mexico; S.E. Ambassador Anibal Quiñonez, Representative of theOrganization of American States in Mexico; Ms. Monica Bauer, Vice-President of Corporative Affairs for PepsiCo Latin America; Maria Jose Llano Tamayo, Assistant Director of International Affairs at IMJUVE; and Msc. Victor Montaño, Director of Finance Culture and Strategy Alliances at the Entrepreneur National Institute (INADEM) 

The presentation of TIC Americas and the Eco-Challenge’s new edition was in charge of Mr. Luis A. Viguria, CEO of YABT and Jose F. Clautier, Program Officer of YABT.

The event included the panel “Inspiring Stories of Young Entrepreneurs” coordinated by the CEO of YABT. In this panel, four finalist entrepreneurs of TIC Americas and Eco-Challenge, and the YABT network, shared experiences about their philosophy and success stories. The panel was formedby Ms. Mariana Gonzalez, Co-founder of Ilumexico, Mr. Federico Arellano, Founder and General Director of MiCochinito.com, Ms. Cristina Palacios, Partner of INNKU and Co-Founder of “Aventones” and Mr. Jesus Herrera, Founder and CEO of Hydric Awareness Foundation.

As of September 1st, young people between 18 and 34 years old can register their business ideas or startupsproposing solutions to the social, economic and enviromental challenges that Latin American and Caribbean Countries are facing. There are two categories: 1)Startup Challenge and 2) Eco-Challenge.

On this edition, the Eco-Challenge category is looking for young entrepreneurs to make their business solutions real under the next environmental challenges: 1)Sustainable Agriculture 2)Collecting and Recycling of PET bottles and BOPP (Bioriented Polypropylene); and 3) Water access. On the other hand,the Startup Challenge is focused on orange, purple, and green economies. 

Young people who register at TIC Americas will automatically have access to our online tools available in our BOOT CAMP. Therefore, the entrepreneursparticipantingwill benefit from online resources and training to improve their business plans and prototypes, to increase their chances to win in any category.

The best teams have the opportunity to participate in the finals, that will take place in the framework of the OAS General Assembly in June 2017 in Mexico. These entrepreneurs will have access to mentors, investors, private sector, and representatives of international organizations to promote their projects and turn them into scalable, sustainable, and successful businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean.


In its latest edition, TIC Americas has grown to include more than 4,000 young entrepreneurs from 39 countries integrating more participants from Latin America and the Caribbean, through the Caribbean regional category Innovation Competition (CIC) aimed at entrepreneurs from CARICOM states. In the last 11 years, more than 35,400 young entrepreneurs from 48 countries have participated in the TIC Americas, positioning it as the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas benchmark.

Eco -Challenge

In 2009, PepsiCo and YABT partnered to create the Eco -Challenge, a category of awards within TIC Americas, focusing on innovative projects that offer creative solutions to environmental problems. Five years ago, CBC joined PepsiCo and YABT to support Central America Eco -Challenge category. In 2015,Postobón added their efforts to create the Colombia Eco -Challenge category. En 2016, 1,675 teams from 25 countries participated in the Eco -Challenge, demonstrating the increasing participation of youth in creating innovative solutions to environmental problems.


About Young Americas Business Trust (YABT)

The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) is an international non-profit organization, founded in 1999, and works in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS). YABT supports OAS objectives and mandates of the Summit of the Americas, to develop and implement programs and activities that encourage entrepreneurship and leadership among youth in the countries of the Americas - fighting poverty and creating more opportunities for youth.



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