Virtual Consultation towards the Young Americas Dialogue 2020

Washington, DC. April 14, 2020. The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) supports the civic commitment and motivation of young people to find answers and ways to solve the problems their communities and society face. That is why, in November 2019, we launched the virtual consultation towards the Young Americas Dialogue 2020, as an official activity of the Young Americas Forum.


The virtual consultation is a permanent channel that is nurtured by the diversity of voices of young people throughout the Americas who express their ideas and opinions on issues and priorities that are of their interest, and are realities in the countries they live in. 

In this line, young people today have a lot to contribute when facing the crisis of the international public health emergency caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and the impact it is generating in different areas worldwide, especially to the most vulnerable populations. 


The YABT invites young people from all over the continent to be part of the virtual consultation by completing the questionnaire available at the following link:  This form is updated from time to time to address different issues and situations that require action by young people. 


We thank you in advance for your participation and ask for your collaboration in sharing this form with other young people you think would be interested in participating and contributing.


Please contact us at with any comment or suggestion.

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