Entrepreneurship World Cup: YABT and EWC join forces to support youth entrepreneurship in the Caribbean

Washington, D.C. November 2, 2021 Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) is proud to work with The Entrepreneurship World Cup - EWC Caribbean, supporting the creativity of young people through their promising businesses. 

EWC Caribbean's mission is to foster deeper collaborations and initiatives between entrepreneurs, and support business organizations, with the goal of promoting more ecosystems of action and expansion  that create more jobs, educate individuals, and strengthen economic growth.

Part of our goal is to provide visibility and resources to young entrepreneurs, and this relationship with EWC Caribbean aims to advance global challenges and promote youth-led initiatives, with the task of enhancing the social and economic development of young people worldwide through the development of entrepreneurial possibilities for future business leaders.

We have shared these prizes with the winners of this competition as part of our commitment to increasing young engagement in the Caribbean's entrepreneurial system. 

Congratulations to the EWC 2021 Regional Winners & Runners - up: Caribbean

Top Idea Category: Ms. Kahalena Hamilton - Grenada. 

Top Early Stage Category: 

  1. Mr & Mrs. Tessa & Casey Davy - St. Vincent & The Grenadines. 
  2. Mr. Raphael Dorra - St. Martin

Top Growth Category: Ms. Urica Primus - Guyana

Regional Finalists: Mrs. Peridot Webster - Trinidad & Tobago 

The winners will receive  10 hours of online training in the BOOT camp sessions: BOOTCamp - Business Opportunity Online Training Camp, One-on-one follow up with an international mentor, in a group setting to identify opportunities for growth and expansion, Invitation as speaker to an international panel or event on youth entrepreneurship that YABT organizes and Inclusion and special mention as Remarkable Entrepreneur of the Month in our website, social media and newsletter: Entrepreneurs (yabt.net) 


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