YABT extends registrations for TIC Americas!

Washington DC, United States, December 15, 2014 — The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), PepsiCo, cbc and Postobón are pleased to announce that the deadline for registrations in TIC Americas will be extended until January 15, 2015 05:00pm (EST Time).

TIC Americas 2015 includes three award categories: Social Innovation, Economic Innovation, Eco-Challenge; and four special awards: Eco-Challenge Central America, Eco-Challenge Colombia, Caribbean Innovation Challenge, and the Americas Cultural Entrepreneurship Award.

Once registrations are over, a group of more than 500 international experts and judges will evaluate the teams that comply with all requirements. For more information about requirements for each category, click here.

YABT thanks the more than 2,000 teams registered so far in the X TIC Americas. We are also pleased to inform you that teams are already eligible to use the content platform of Ideas for Action – a youth competition organized by the Wharton Business School and the World Bank Group.

On March 6, 2015 YABT will announce the finalists for the X Edition of TIC Americas through its websites and social media channels. Every team that has completed all requirements for TIC Americas will receive a feedback coming from our judges.

TIC Americas finalists will go through additional training sessions in preparation for the on-site finals that will take place in Panama City, Panama within the framework of activities of the IV Young Americas Forum.

In its 2014 edition, TIC Americas has grown to include over 4,000 young entrepreneurs from 39 countries and has further integrated participants from Latin America and the Caribbean, through the Caribbean Innovation Challenge (CIC). Over the past 8 years, more than 28,000 young entrepreneurs from 43 countries have participated in this competition.


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