YABT takes part in celebrating global youth at the World Bank Group Youth Summit 2013

Washington DC on October 23, 2013 – The Headquarters of the World Bank opened its doors to hundreds of experts, professionals and students, passionate about supporting the development of today's youth during the World Bank Group Youth Summit 2013. Organized by the Junior Professional Associates (JPA) Program and the World Bank Group, brought together an impressive event that focused on youth Employment, Education, and Millennial Communication.

A Development Case Study Competition was held prior to the Summit, and the Award Ceremony was the highlight of the day, recognizing fresh and innovative solutions proposed by young entrepreneurs to Case Studies identified earlier by the World Bank Group. During the Award Ceremony, Jim Young Kim, President of the World Bank and Ahmad Alhendawi, the United Nations Secretary General's Envoy on Youth congratulated the young men and women who came up with solutions to issues in the following areas: Case Study A: Strengthening Micro-Entrepreneurship for Disadvantaged Youth; Case Study B: A Better Financial Product for Young Entrepreneurs' Micro and Small Enterprises; Case Study C: Reverse Engineering, Youth Entrepreneurship Driving Education; Case Study D: Millennial Communications for Inclusive City Planning.

The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) attended the event and its various panels and workshops. In relation to the case studies, three concurrent workshops were held. The first one focused on Youth Unemployment & Financial Services and responded do Case Studies A and B, talking about the ways to finance start-up through the combination of traditional methods and creative models recently developed by innovative entrepreneurs. The second workshop had as its central theme Education and explored the need to foster entrepreneurial spirit beginning with early stages of education, using as a base Case Study C. Last but not least, Millenials+Communication+SocialGood worked on identifying the ways to reach youth through social media and traditional as well as emerging communication tools, using as an example Case Study D. The panelists for these included senior representatives of the World Bank, Plan International, the United Nations and the United Nations Foundation, Child and Youth Finance International, Region Chambers of Commerce and Athgo Corporation among others.

The Summit also included three distinct panels: A Conversation with Successful Change Makers, Working Towards the Post 2015 Agenda: Addressing the Challenges of Youth Exclusion, and the Role of the World Bank Group in the Youth Entrepreneurship Agenda. YABT was pleased to note the emerging importance of youth entrepreneurship that formed part of the discussion in every panel. Other topics discussed were youth participation as a civil actor, access to education and technology and the need for a further integration between various stakeholders in the development of youth across the world. The panelists included representatives from the different sectors involved: Martin Edlund, Founding Member and CEO, Malaria No More; Sabeen Malik, Senior Policy Advisor, U.S. Department of State; Hugh Evans, Co-Founder and CEO, The Global Poverty Project; Oliver Bell, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft; Sanjay Pradhan, Vice President, Change, Knowledge and Learning, World Bank; among other distinguished experts. To view the complete agenda, please click here.

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