Virtual Consultation brings together youth recommendations towards the IX Summit of the Americas

Washington, D.C., March 24th, 2022.  Youth from across the continent have the opportunity to express themselves through the Virtual Consultation that has been enabled by theYoung Americas Business Trust (YABT), as part of the youth participation channels in the VI Young Americas Forum, an official activity of theNinth Summit of the Americas

The IX Summit will bring together leaders of the continent next June in Los Angeles, California. The VI Forum is the official mechanism for youth in their capacity as a social actor to raise concrete recommendations framed in the priority themes of the IX Summit and the so-called 5 C’s of Youth Development.

#YouthInTheSummit are invited to participate in the virtual consultation and be promoters of it in their country, getting more young people involved and taking advantage of this unique opportunity to contribute to the Summit of the Americas process. Participate now through the following link:https://bit.ly/3IEfq78

In addition to the Virtual Consultation, the VI Young Americas Forum brings with it other channels of participation to promote sustainable development, inclusion and diversity: (1)Youth Dialogues, which bring together young people to debate and exchange views and concerns; and (2) Associated Events, activities with different formats that take place in parallel, where youth have a meaningful participation and share their contributions.

For more information on the VI Young Americas Forum, please contact YABT via forum@yabt.net