Towards a More Inclusive Summit: Official Stakeholder Forums at the Ninth Summit of the Americas

The United States will host the Ninth Summit of the Americas the week on June 6, 2022, in Los Angeles, California. In the spirit of fostering a more inclusive summit, the United States Department of State announces partnerships with stakeholder groups drawing in participants from across the Americas.

The summit will include three official stakeholder forums:

– The Ninth Civil Society Forum,

– The Sixth Young Americas Forum, and

– The Fourth CEO Summit of the Americas.

Each forum will foster greater dialogue between heads of government and the people and businesses of the Americas to address hemispheric challenges and opportunities including social inclusion, economic recovery, climate change, democracy, digital transformation, and democracy.

To increase civic engagement on Summit priorities, the Organization of American States will organize the Civil Society Forum for direct engagement between leaders and independent civil society representatives from all of the countries of the Americas. The Civil Society Forum will elevate voices from across the hemisphere focused on a wide range of issues yet together committed to ensuring democracy delivers for the people of our hemisphere.

To engage the hemisphere’s youth, including young entrepreneurs and business leaders, the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) will organize the Sixth Young Americas Forum with youth leaders focused on creating a more equitable and sustainable future. The Young Americas Forum will foster and elevate a community of young leaders building entrepreneurial and innovative solutions to our most pressing challenges.

To harness the power of the private sector, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will organize the Fourth CEO Summit of the Americas. The CEO Summit will bring together diverse business leaders—including those representing small and medium-sized enterprises—from the U.S. and across the hemisphere to drive innovative and practical solutions for a brighter future for all of the Americas. Working together with the private sector, leaders can set a course to emerge from the pandemic stronger, more resilient, and democratic, and to build a 21st century Western Hemisphere economy that delivers robust, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth.

We look forward to engaging stakeholders at all levels to create a more inclusive Ninth Summit of the Americas for everyone.