Young Entrepreneurs are showcasing innovative solutions at YABT Emerging Entrepreneurs Village at the Cities Summit of the Americas

Washington D.C., April 27, 2023 – The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) presents the Emerging Entrepreneurs Village as part of the Innovation Plaza at the Cities Summit of the Americas “Global Challenges, Local Solutions,” which takes place in Denver, Colorado, April 27-28. This is the result of a collaborative effort of the YABT in alliance with the U.S. Department of State, the City of Denver and the Biennial of the Americas. 

These emerging entrepreneurs show promising innovative potential to shape the transformation of cities. They respond to the priorities and issues that will be addressed during the Summit, which gathers city leaders, youth, the private sector, and other underrepresented groups and stakeholders in various formats and events.

The YABT Emerging Entrepreneurs Village becomes a unique space that connects talent and entrepreneurial assets to accelerate the growth of cities in areas such as technology, sustainability, governance, health, among others; consequently enabling the possibility to build a more conscious, inclusive and resilient society to global challenges. On the first day, there was the official visit of Linda Thomas-Greenfield, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, learning first-hand about each initiative directly from the young entrepreneurs.

The 13 outstanding international youth-led initiatives participating in the Innovation Plaza includes: Botellas de Amor (Colombia), Brave-Up (Chile), ceofactory (Mexico), Entelequia (Mexico), Fundación Soy Oportunidad (Colombia), Green Concreta (Mexico), Killa Vive Verde (Peru), Oaxacanita Chocolate (Mexico), Sumak Kawsay (Peru), Un Pulmón Más (El Salvador), Vernácula (Peru), WAS Company (Mexico) and Youth to Lead (El Salvador). In addition, partners such as USA for IOM who is presenting the impact of the Program:  Emprender en Movimiento.

 YABT empowers young entrepreneurs in the Americas by enhancing their skills to connect with a growing community of peers, leaders, and experts through knowledge exchange. 

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