Hilo Sagrado

HILO SAGRADO is a social business with a dual impact model that connects exclusive products that highlight rich cultural heritage with global buyers via a marketplace www.hilosagrado.com. Through ethical trade and a sustainable inclusive model, it seeks to have an impact on both individual artisans and their community as a whole.

HILO SAGRADO is a Fellowship 500 Member of the Ethical Fashion Forum in London that brings together pioneers and innovators around the globe who promote ethical trade and sustainable fashion.

In January 2016, we were selected by Artisan Resource to participate in the “Market Incubator Program” of NEW YORK Now, the premier home, lifestyle and gift market in the United States. Through this program only 14 top entrepreneurs around the world are selected to participate in a seasonal show to receive support, training and coaching of top market experts and designers, in order to help expand the business.

As a result, in less than a year, Hilo Sagrado has managed to penetrate the markets of the United States & Puerto Rico, Canada, and Europe and our workforce has grown from 15 to close to 100 artisans.

The novelty about the model is that is a social business driven by 3 pillars: women’s empowerment, ethical trade and sustainable development. Through design, training and innovation we work with artisans to develop top quality lifestyle products that reflect their deep-rooted culture and are aimed at the luxury global market.

Ana Maria Torres, President of Hilo Sagrado LLC is the leader behind this initiative that seeks to create social impact. She is also a Board Member of Hilo Sagrado Foundation and thanks to her expertise on sustainable development and private sector; she has been able to develop a unique business model that goes beyond traditional trade.

Besides being an entrepreneur, Ana Maria has been a consultant and adviser to governments, international organizations and private sector with a special focus on Latin America and the Caribbean. Additionally, Ana Maria is the coordinator of the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas Young Americas Business Trust, an hemispheric competition for young entrepreneurs.

Through our work we have consolidated a Knowledge Hub with multidisciplinary experts and businesses that join in order to promote greater economic welfare and social impact through a series of projects aimed at contributing to reach the sustainable development goals. For more information visit www.fundacionhilosagrado.org

Hilo Sagrado has become a movement for change, where companies such as Challenger Foundation, LOVT Berlin, Abury Foundation, Creavtra, Freemind, Flor Amazona and others are supporting a new production system, the promotion of innovation and the creation of a community that is conscious about the social and environmental impacts of its consumption.

Hilo Sagrado is committed to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030 in the communities where we work.

Join us and help us make this dream a reality!