The Entrepreneur of the Month is Caleb Padilla, CEO and co-founder of Reciklos- a Salvadorian startup that seeks to transform the recycling culture globally. Reciklos seeks to disruptively improve the environment through the participation of all society in the collection and recycling of PETReciklos. This startup participated in Eco-Challenge 7.0 and won in the category of Recycling and Collection of PET due to its focus on impact and global transformation.

“This idea was born at the end of 2015 and it was concretized during registration and classification of the Eco-Challenge 2016. After receiving feedback from the judges we continued to improve the idea to materialize it. Immediately after having won first place in the eco-challenge in June 2016, we started the registration and formalization of the project. Currently, Reciklos is legally established in El Salvador. We developed a machine designed to collect PET bottles and reward those who use it, thus creating a desire in society to recycle and make it a priority issue. In the future, we will design machines with the same model to recycle other materials,” said our Entrepreneur of the Month.

Padilla points out his remarkable experience as, “Having started with an idea without the resources to materialize it, but having trusted that the impossible does not exist and deciding to participate in a great opportunity that has allowed me to continue to develop my enterprise. From the Eco-Challenge, I cherish what I learned, the challenges I conquered, the friendships I made, and the honor of representing my country and the youth of Latin America and making them proud.”

Recilkos has a positive impact on its region in different ways: environmentally by cleaning cities from solid waste that can be recycled, economically by allowing national and regional companies to participate in this valuechain within this new market and socially by creating a new recycling culture.

The Eco-Challenge is a program organized by Young Americas Business Trust, PepsiCo and the Organization of American States under the sponsorpship of CBC and Postobon, which supports young entrepreneurs to develop solutions for the sustainability of our planet. For 8 years they have been promoting entrepreneurship in Latin America and the Caribbean by rewarding and supporting innovative ideas such as Padilla’s, allowing young entrepreneurs to make their proposals a scalable business.

For more information about Reciklos, visit:

Website: https://reciklos.com/

E-Mail: caleb.padilla@outlook.com