Official Announcement of the VI Young Americas Forum

Washington, D.C., February 10th, 2022. The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) will hold the Official Announcement of the Sixth Young Americas Forum through a special session of the Policy Lab “IX Summit of the Americas and Youth Participation”, the event going to be held in virtual format on February 15th at 10:00 a.m., Washington, D.C. time.

With this event, YABT seeks to explain the importance of the process of the Summits of the Americas, as well as the activities towards the VI Young Americas Forum. The agenda of the event includes the participation of representatives of the YABT, the Organization of American States (OAS) and the U.S Department of State.

The agenda is available at: www.yabt.net/foro/download/vi-forum-announcement-agenda.pdf

Young leaders of the continent selected through the Campaign “Opportunities to make your voice heard”, will have the opportunity to directly ask their questions to panelists of the event. In this way, the voices of youth are represented during this important event for youth participation in the Ninth Summit of the Americas. 

Registration is free and anyone interested can register at: https://bit.ly/3IChVG. The event will also be broadcast on the YABT Facebook (YABTDC).

The IX Summit of the Americas “Building a Sustainable, Resilient and Equitable Future”, will be held in the summer of 2022 in Los Angeles, California, represents a mechanism for the promotion of cooperation, dialogue, and inclusion of diverse groups in the advancement of the priorities and needs of the continent.

The Young Americas Forum is an official platform for youth to take the lead in launching activities that generate spaces to proactively contribute to the definition of priorities and mandates for States within the framework of the Summit of the Americas.

For more information and/or to explore partnership opportunities within the framework of the VI Young Americas Forum, please contact YABT via forum@yabt.net.

YABT is a non-profit international organization with cooperation agreement with the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States.

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