The path of the VI Forum

The youth of the Americas is the vital force that drives transformative changes in our region, through the potential and impulse for political, social, and economic development.

During the period 2019 – 2023, the youth participation processes have been integrated through the contributions presented through various mechanisms and that have echoed in decision-making spaces such as:

The trajectory towards the IX Summit of the Americas was carried out through a broad consultation process in which more than 27,000 young people of the Americas participated, playing a fundamental role in addressing key issues for the sustainable recovery of the region in a post- pandemic context. Their participation in different scenarios and channels made it possible to collect their opinions and contributions in response to each of the five Political Commitments established for this Summit and presented to the Heads of State and Government of the OAS Member States through the 5 C’s of Youth Development and the Declaration of Commitment and Action Plan.

Click here to access the Declaration of Commitment and Action Plan.

II Summit for Democracy: Progress in the Year of Action

The participation of youth in decision-making spaces represents the strengthening of democratic structures and the right to exercise their citizenship. The YABT carried out the Policy Lab “Youth and Participatory Democracy” Flagship event of the II Summit for Democracy.

In this space, the role of youth in the fight against misinformation was discussed, as well as the importance of highlighting innovative solutions that promote democratic participation and strengthen the presence of youth in decision-making and public office. It was based on the contributions of a virtual campaign that involved young people from 13 countries of the hemisphere, who shared their different perspectives on digitization, youth participation, human rights, and transparency.

Cities Summit of the Americas

Youth played a prominent role in the first Cities Summit of the Americas, through the YABT Emerging Entrepreneurs Village, a space that connected talent and youth entrepreneurial capital from the region to promote the growth of cities in various fields and respond to the Summit priorities.

In addition, panels on digital transformation and urban entrepreneurship were organized, where policy proposals and recommendations were discussed to address the challenges on the hemisphere’s development agenda. These initiatives promoted collaboration and generated innovative solutions to build a conscious, inclusive and resilient society.

OAS General Assembly (2022 and 2023)

The OAS General Assemblies constitute a space that facilitates the exchange of ideas and the presentation of proposals and actions led by youth in their communities. Thus providing a unique opportunity to listen and learn from the diverse experiences and perspectives of youth.

Year after year, through the Young Americas Forum, the youth of the Americas present concrete proposals, perspectives, and actions, contributing to the definition of OAS priorities and mandates, including the Summits of the Americas, the OAS General Assemblies and other high-level ministerial meetings on the continent; A platform for connection and exchange that allows bringing the voice and perspectives of youth to the spaces for dialogue in the hemisphere.