Youth Consultations towards the VI Young Americas Forum

– Guide to organizing Youth Dialogues – Guide to send proposals

Form to send proposals.

– Guide to organize Youth Dialogues – Guide in Portuguese

Form to send proposals – (Em portugues)

Previous Forums

VI Forum - Los Angeles, California, 2022
V Forum – Lima, Peru, 2018
IV Forum- Panama City, Panama, 2015
III Forum - Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, 2012
II Forum - Puerto España, Trinidad and Tobago, 2009
I Forum – Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2005


I Informe De Contribuciones De La Juventud De Las Américas 2022 (Spanish) – Download (PDF)

Hemispheric Report – Contributions Of The Youth Of The Americas Towards The 53Rd General Assembly Of The Organization Of American States (OAS) – Download (PDF)

HEMISPHERIC REPORT AND ROADMAP: From the IXSummit of the Americas to the 52nd OAS General Assembly, 2022 – Download (PDF)

Youth Dialogue around the three Cs of Youth Development: Climate Change, COVID-19, Collaborating with Youth, 2021 – Download (PDF)

Hemispheric Report on the Youth Participation Process towards the Youth Dialogue of the Americas 2020

Hemispheric Report of the Consultation Process towards the Dialogue of Youth of the Americas

Report on Youth Participation in the 47th General Assembly of the OAS (June 2017 | Quintana Roo, Mexico)

Diálogo Regional, Washington DC Noviembre 2017

Regional Dialogue, Washington DC November 2017

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